Titan Series

This collection of contemporary romances is set in the world of Private Military Contractors.
We meet the men who comprise the elite privatized answer to world’s most difficult questions.
These are passionate romances set in exotic locals that promise sweeping adventure and satisfying endings.
If you enjoy strong romantic connections and sizzling sexual tension then this is the series for you.


Audrey Barnes is about to take on the biggest challenge of her life as she heads to Syria to interview the courageous women who are battling ISIS. With civil war raging inside the borders, she knows that private security isn’t a luxury but a necessity, so she does her due diligence and looks for just the right man.

Unfortunately, the one that fits the bill is a bit bull-headed and cantankerous.

Carrick Young is a retired SEAL who works for one of the premier Private Military Contractors, and the last thing he wants to do is take on guard-dog duty. But like so many things in life, he doesn’t have a choice and knows he’s the best man to keep Audrey out of the hands of ISIS.

The day before they embark on their trip, ISIS’s last caliphate falls along with their illusions that their relationship is going to remain professional.

Will Audrey and Carrick survive the tumult of attraction and maelstrom of events that surround them…or will the turbulence be too much?

Watch what happens when two equal, but opposing forces get caught in one another’s orbit.

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Latest Release


Lucky Santorini, SAI’s Director of Intelligence, is smart, fearless, and one of the best hackers in the world. Elemental in bringing down the head of the Russian mafia in Chicago, she takes it personally when another member of the Bratva slips into the void left behind.
Deciding to do something about it, she does the unthinkable and allies herself with the fed who made her life miserable the first time around.
Sam Barton, Special Agent and war hero, knows he should have handled his interaction with Lucky differently, and he intends to change her opinion of him by bringing down the mobster corrupting their streets. First, though, he needs to prove to his boss that the mission isn’t chasing ghosts and show the woman of his dreams that he won’t run scared—of her.
Will Sam’s barrage of information and affection win her over to his side? Or will Lucky stop his onslaught and forge out on her own?
Can these two operators come together for one more job—to see if they’re compatible for life?

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Vivi DuMond’s clinic is caught in the crossfire of a turf war that threatens both her life and livelihood. Can the NOPD and Feds handle it or does she need more?

Joel McDade runs the Florida office of SAI and he’s been roped into protecting Vivi as a favor to his old client Ronnie DuMond. As much as he would like to refuse, he knows he can’t.

Can the retired Navy SEAL protect the good doctor and her clinic? Or…will the vortex of events make that impossible?

Watch what happens when two people are caught in a whirling mass of threats outside of their control. Will they be pulled in together or will the mass of conflict pull them apart?

Coronado Series

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After six months working in the Dar es Salaam camp, Brooke Foster is ready for McDonalds and downtime. The dangers of war-torn Africa have made her rely on the military to keep her safe. But as the daughter of a rear admiral, she swears she’ll never get involved with anyone from SPEC OPS.
Until…she runs into Frisco.
Navy SEAL, Frisco Jones is on assignment in Chad, and sees a picture of Brooke on a friend’s tablet, and is smitten instantly. With all the tenacity that has insured his success on the Teams, he makes sure he has a chance to meet…the girl of his dreams.
Unfortunately, she’s resistant to his charms and it takes herculean efforts for her to see he’s more than his job.
A night under the African moon changes things for both of them and Frisco is determined that what they’ve started in Africa will continue when they get back home to San Diego.
Will Brooke’s struggle with the appearance of an old threat end things?
Or will they conquer them and find a way to get hitched?

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Betrayed by her ex–fiancé, Birdie James decides a sexy fling will give her the excitement she needs without the problems of a relationship. Luckily for her, Mr. Right Now is gorgeous, interested and curls her toes with one look. There’s just one problem.

Lieutenant Commander, Mark Frazier sees Birdie, and he only wants one thing. Her, forever. As a SEAL, he flourishes beneath both trials and adventure. However, changing the mission directive of this woman may be the biggest challenge of his life.

What happens when a woman whose life is based on certainty targets a Navy SEAL who thrives on the unknown? Can Mark find a way to overcome her stubborn mindset and convince her to give them a chance? Or is her heart latched against him?


I live in Southern California and write stories about sassy, smart women and the alpha men who fall for them. When I’m not writing, I take care of my daughters and try to take long walks.

I believe in the power of a big glass of wine, the right pair of shoes and a good dose of sarcasm.


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THrowback Thirsday…Latched

Throwback Thursday   I’m writing book # 8 in the Coronado Series and as I’m building the story and working on the characters WHY –  I reflect back on where it all started. Mark and Birdie…They’re in my head today as much as they were four years ago when...


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