This collection of contemporary romances is set in the world of Private Military Contractors.
We meet the men who comprise the elite privatized answer to world’s most difficult questions.
These are passionate romances set in exotic locals that promise sweeping adventure and satisfying endings.
If you enjoy strong romantic connections and sizzling sexual tension then this is the series for you.


Audrey Barnes is about to take on the biggest challenge of her life as she heads to Syria to interview the courageous women who are battling ISIS. With civil war raging inside the borders, she knows that private security isn’t a luxury but a necessity, so she does her due diligence and looks for just the right man.

Unfortunately, the one that fits the bill is a bit bull-headed and cantankerous.

Carrick Young is a retired SEAL who works for one of the premier Private Military Contractors, and the last thing he wants to do is take on guard-dog duty. But like so many things in life, he doesn’t have a choice and knows he’s the best man to keep Audrey out of the hands of ISIS.

The day before they embark on their trip, ISIS’s last caliphate falls along with their illusions that their relationship is going to remain professional.

Will Audrey and Carrick survive the tumult of attraction and maelstrom of events that surround them…or will the turbulence be too much?

Watch what happens when two equal, but opposing forces get caught in one another’s orbit.



Coming in Fall 2018

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